Main Reasons to Request a Quick Loan

Requesting a quick loan at a given time is more frequent than we can imagine. Especially since there are a series of unforeseen events that can force us to dispose of money urgently.

According to experts of Lenders among the main reasons to request a quick loan with Usmen are the following.

Reasons to request a quick loan

Being registered in a delinquency file such as Usmen or Aray

Being registered in a delinquency file such as Usmen or Aray

Usmen, managed by Equals, is one of the main delinquency files that exist in Spain. In these files are recorded the defaults that a client can carry out in different sectors. The companies that pay to review the file are the same ones that provide the information of defaults. These companies are:

  • Financial type
  • Of supplies, such as water, light or gas
  • Telecommunications, such as mobile telephony or fiber

Being registered in Usmen or in another of these delinquency files means reducing our credit possibilities. One of the requirements set by banks to grant a loan is precisely not to appear in these files. For this reason, if we want to request a mortgage and we are in Usmen, even for a very small debt, they will not grant it to us.

Settling the contracted debt that has taken us to the file is the surest way to restore our credit situation. And asking for a loan to repay that payment is a very widespread solution when you do not have enough money.

Reunify debts

Reunify debts

It is common to resort to loans to purchase different types of goods or services that we can not cover with our own income. For example a car, a house or the appliances of a new house.

The problem is that each of these debts implies a quota and a repayment period that must be fulfilled religiously. Otherwise we can end up in debt and enrolled in a list of defaulters. However, the accumulation of debts may make it difficult for us to make ends meet.

In these situations, going to the reunification of debts can be a good solution. When the debts are reunified the lender is in charge of canceling the previous ones and signing a new contract with the borrower. In this contract an amount will be set for the value of all the debts. Through this system we will achieve :

  • Have a single monthly payment fee.
  • Pay less money per month and arrive at the end of the month much more relaxed.

However, achieving this implies increasing the repayment term and interest on the loan. So, although the fees are more economical and easier, the loan will be much higher.

Accept an inheritance

Accept an inheritance

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful situations we can suffer. However, it is the law of life that this happens. Unfortunately linked to this loss is a very complex financial reality. From the payment of the funeral if there is no death insurance until the acceptance of the inheritance.

Although we have 30 years to accept an inheritance, there are other associated taxes that must be covered in a maximum of six months. As for example the municipal capital gain for housing or inheritance tax. The latter is an added expense of between 7% and 34% of the full value of the inheritance. Everything depends on the Autonomous Community.

Having the necessary capital in these cases is practically impossible if a loan is not obtained. Hence, many people have to give up what rightfully belongs to them because they can not cope with the associated taxes.

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