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As probably most people with financial problems getting a payday loan is not as simple as it may seem. Online payday loans for indebted users are not often available on the market. Usually small, just developing companies such as ours decide for this model of activity. We specialize in crediting people who do not have creditworthiness, and very often have entries in the BIK, KRD, ERiF, and BIG databases. Such persons most often need a payday loan to repay the debt collector, consolidate payday payday loans or regular current expenses.

Although repaying debt with another payday loan is not a wise decision, it can help in some cases. Often, people working under a contract, or a contract for a work, when they can not “tie up” the budget, reach for a second. If they enlist too much then consolidation is necessary. It is not possible to pay several thousand zlotys for the average national salary. If you are looking for a payday loan for indebted internet users , we invite you to submit an application on the home page.

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How does the online payday loan application process work?

The entire online application process usually does not take more than 15 minutes. As with regular payday payday loans, basic data from proof should be provided, as well as information about the income received. Many people ask us whether we check the place of work, or whether we require some additional certificates or formalities. Well, in the case of a regular payday loan, we do not call the employer. We also do not require additional bank statements or statements. The whole process takes place as proof, and does not last longer than 15 minutes. After submitting the application and providing all the necessary data, it is only waiting for the decision. We consider the majority of applications positively, so we will probably be able to withdraw money from you. The fast payout and processing of the application allows instant payment of funds in a maximum of 24 hours, and usually no more than an hour. When applying for an online payday loan, it is also worth paying attention to the interest rate that we will have to pay and the total cost of the payday loan.

A payday loan for people with entries in BIK BIG KRD ERiF – is it possible?

People whose data is in the debtors’ databases have a difficult task if they intend to apply for a payday loan or a payday loan. More and more payday loan companies check their clients in BIK BIG KRD and ERiF databases. In the case of negative entries in one of these databases, receiving a payday is virtually impossible. In this case, the best solution will be to submit an application to one of the companies that does not check the databases listed above. Or the one who still checks some debtors’ databases, even high indebtedness. Thanks to this you will be able to repay payday loans or consolidate payday payday loans.

Which non-bank company should I choose without BIK?

As for non-bank payday loans without BIK, the choice on the market is quite large. However, the vast majority of non-banking companies that do not check customers at the Credit Information Bureau have very low admissibility. This is because they check their clients in other debtors’ databases, such as KRD or BIG. So even if one database is not checked, it goes the same because similar information about the client will be extracted from other registers.

Therefore, do not worry about whether the check verifies in BIK or not, and how high is the admissibility. This will allow you to objectively assess how willingly the company provides payday loans to people with financial problems. As for this type of payday loans, we humbly invite you to submit an application on our website. We provide payday loans for indebted online , and we have excellent payday loan granting. If you are interested in such a payday loan, we invite you to go to the home page and submit an application. We provide payday loans up to PLN 25,000.


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